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Computer Reading Glasses

Computer Glasses - Computer reading glasses

Are you experiencing headaches, dry eye, red eye, neck and back pain after spending time on a computer or digital device?

Do you experience blurry vision and oversensitivity to light?

We have the solution for your vision problems. Our newest eyewear product is an innovative 2 power computer reader that corrects for both reading and computer vision. It also has an anti-glare coating on the lens that protects your eyes from digital glare emitted from electronic devices

The computer readers are optical quality, come in 15 fashionable styles and provides visual comfort.

How Computer Eyed 2 Power
Computer Glasses can help you....

  • Eliminates eyestrain, neck and back pain associated with computer use
  • Reduces computer glare
  • Prevents Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Optical quality lens that corrects reading (close) and computer (intermediate) vision
  • Affordable high quality eyeglasses
  • Convenience: one pair of eyeglasses that solves 2 vision problems

What are you waiting for?
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